Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey!! BLOGGERLAND! Watch Out! New Blogger Here! Now, I'm sure you all have heard this before but..Danger! Danger! Danger! Please, do your best to protect your computer from me as so I don't give yours some virus or burn somethin' up! I mean REALLY.. I can be dangerous on this thing! I have been accused of being somewhat senile at times and then I know I have a bad case of cyber-phobia, so fair WARNING!! It's gonna be a bumpy ride. (After 2 , whole, long, hard, courses in computers.. I still don't know how to back up!) did I say 2, long, courses? Soooo, ok, then, if you want to pop in once in awhile and read what I have to say you'd better be ready to live in the FAST lane!! Oh yea! Thanks goes out to my oldest friend- I'll just call her Mrs. A. (and you know who you are) -for forcing me to streeeetch myself -YET-again. Yeeikes!

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Lover of Life said...

Yay! Is this who I think it is??