Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some body's having a BIRTHDAY!!!! A big birthday hug to you, my oldest and dearest friend. (been ever since we met in junior high and we tried to ditch our beer cans by flushing them down the gas stations' bathroom toilet..weren't we mature for our age?) That was 40 years ago, 1968. You were, of course, beautiful, and were lucky enough to have big knockers, too! (still do and still are)'d borrow my tops and then they'd look like I'd borrowed one of my grandma's blouse from then on! Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and you just remember.."45 is the new 55 '' or is it "55 is the new 45".. huh..I forget. All, I know motto is be 55.. look 45..feel 35 ..and act 25! So you see it's really all about the numbers! Now.. we get to subtract... No.. More.. adding years. Remember, too, that we older women get to be happier, sexier, and sassier just like 50 year old Ellen Degenerous, (without having to go as far as 50 year old, Jamie lee Curtis , need to go topless here! unless YOU really want to!) I'm not saying we have to swim 2,100 miles across the Atlantic Ocean- like 56 year old Jennifer Figge- or even climb Mount Kilimanjaro but we can celebrate the fact that all of our experience and all of our wisdom gives us the freedom to laugh out loud and be out spoken! sooo I hope you enjoy your birthday and eat that chocolate cake with the white frosting and maybe we'll try to flush a few when you get back. love you. ps. sorry about the pics, kinda blurry, and yes are falling in the mud!

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Lover of Life said...

Thank you! What a sweet blog. Wow - 40 years. Unbelievable. I am so grateful to have had you for a friend for 40 years. Love.