Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where IS their mother?? She said she was going ELK hunting.. Sure. Keely? ELK hunting.. in this weather? I ain't buying it. If she comes back with a tan.. well..! Two days and counting! (they canceled school because of the big VOTE.). NO SCHOOL today! so now I have to really put in my other brain!! (I have 2) The one that thinks! and I need to get creative. We've already done puzzles, played on the computers, pretended office, teased the pugs-we laughed as they bark out their butts-, finished homework, went shopping at the dolar store, visited some family, had our fill of ice cream, ate too much candy, watched Sandlot,(again) and got on Nana's nerves ..only ONCE! Baahh! and it's freezing and wet outside today, oh well...I'll just bundle 'em up and push 'em outside anyway, they can go hug on the horses, let 'em make a mess of the haystack. They like to see if Miley, our heeler dog, is up to any new tricks and I know they'd love to look for their favorite bullfrog! ( shhhssh! I haven't told them I saw him flattened out in the drive last month!) Will this ole house survive? Will Nana? (Don't worry about Grandpa, he just sleeps thru it all). ahh, you know I adore 'em! esp. at bed time when I can smell Kaitlyn's sweet hair and Wyatt asks me to hold his hand. But then...thanks, Uncle Tee, for these 2 little monkeys jumping on MY bed!


Lover of Life said...

It could be worse - you could be remodeling and watching your grandkids! Ha.

Jeninacide said...

Haha! I bet they get a little tiring. Erick's mom said she could've watched Cole for a whole weekend (after watching him for one night)- but she did say that grandpa needed a NAP afterwards.