Friday, December 19, 2008

Tree Cutting

Well, it's that time again and we..lightly..trampled all over the forest, like little perky Xmas elves, looking for the ever so perfect tree to lighten our Christmas spirits. You know the tree, that's at least green, shaped like a triangle, has most of it's branches and needles and is well ...still alive! Friends and family came armed with their own saws, their own stratigies, and their own tastes in trees! And then you hear something like this "What kind of tree you guys looking for? A Charlie Brown Tree? Uhmmm..Really? (YUK) Well, ok, then!" We try to get an early start, a quick breakfast, and are usually hoping for snow! Not this year, nope.. not a furry little flake. Sorry Tommy, I mean, kids, don't bother with the sleds. At least it will be cold enough for hot chocolate! well, not so much! Well, then ..a couple of beers will do and then off we go. (You know beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder!) Since husband, Mike isn't to much into the nature walking thing, (it seems, he doesn't even like posing in front of trees, either, haha), that leaves, son, Tommy as my partner in crime, Yep..he's my SAWMAN! .. he follows me up and down ..and back and forth, and then he patiently waits THE decision... only to hear me say "Nahh, I thnk I changed my mind".. "I want to look some more" more time..(hee hee). Then finally he does that quick-saw job thingy after I chose the one, only to hear me say.... "HEY, you guys! Where'd you go? who's goin' ta carry this tree back to the truck for "BLEEPS" sake? You Hoo! Anyone? It's your Santa speaking! where's my Sawman? Hey.. Wes? Come heeere!" Nah.. I'm just kidding. Tom carried my tree and did you see the size of that hunk of wood? Holly Cow! That'll never fit in our house! No more beer for me! Back at the trucks, our friends showed off their lovely juniper, while their boys and grandson,Wyatt climbed dangerously on the rocky outcroppings while calling for Uncles Wee Wee and Tee to come rescue them. SIL Bryce and daughter, Keely must of walked through 2 states to hunt for their most beautiful trophy pine, I began to think they were going give it their last name next. Son, Wes and DIL, Amber happily took their 1st born "Chino" with them and then were the first ones back... with a very pretty tree! How do you guys do that so quickly every year? (I know..they must have scouted earlier in the year.) Granddaughter, Kaitlyn was (again) mad (as you can see in the picture)..she wanted one of those cute baby trees to put in her room (ahhh) but soon settled for climbing a HUGE tree instead! Amber was just very happy her dad, Steve was willing to put up a tree this year so his find was real cute, ( No..that's not really the one he choose.. you guys!) Then on to lunch, we heated up Amber's tasty homemade Turkey soup, Yummy! Bryce cut up some elk salami, and Keely brought homemade chocolate chip cookies! It was great! Mike and I love the tradition of cutting a fresh tree, we've taken our kids since we were first married and could barely afford a string of lights, alone money to buy a tree off a lot. We've hardly missed a year- snow, rain or shine- and it's something I hope to continue. I enjoyed the day in the sunshine, walking amonst the beautiful pines with the people I treasure so much. Then, I found this German version of the "O Tannenbaum" song, as each song seems to be a little different. I liked the thought of the tree teaching you about hope and durability providing comfort and strength at all times. Something I can try to live by right now. May God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas.

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Lover of Life said...

What a lovely way to spend the day. I wish I had a tree!