Friday, February 13, 2009

Good love story!

All of us lovers of the romantic tales know who Cupid is..the god of erotic love and beauty, the icon of Valentine's Day often depicted as a man/boy .. poised with his bow..ready to shoot his arrow with its heart shaped tip into an unsuspected person to inspire great romantic LOVE! Awwww ..romantic LOVE!!

I love the story of Eros (Cupid) of Greek and/or Roman Mythology and the mortal Psyche. Eros (also know by the Latin name of "Amor") was the son of Venus, the Goddess of Love (known in Greek as Aphrodite). And of course (Ares) or Mars, the God of War! wow ..what a combo! Cupid,(often seen nude), their son's main purpose was to help or make people fall in love or at least engage them in physical intimacy. yea! Valentines Day!

As the legend goes Venus ... a beauty herself...was so jealous of Psyche's beauty, (and many others' admiration of her).. she ordered her son, Cupid, to punish her by making Psyche fall deeply in love with the ugliest creature that walked the earth! Well, Cupid, when seeing Psyche, thought she too, was soo beautiful .. he couldn't resist leaning down to kiss her ... in doing so..the tip of his arrow pierced his own heart and waalaa!!! ..he falls in love with her! He sweeps her away to his home but forbids her to look at him lest she find out who he is, (being a God and all!) while making passionate love to her every night.. of course, in the dark!

(Cupid is often depicted with blindfolds on.... hence.."Love is Blind!!)

In the mean time there are other jealousies being conjured up here.....yaa! her sisters. venus is still at work! (sounds like the ugly step-sisters and step-mother story, huh?) They tell her of a rumour...that he is a great and terrible serpent that will devour her and the child she is carrying! They convince her to try and discover who he really is. ( She of little faith right? ) When she gets an oil lamp (and a knife!) and lights up the room and sees him as the beautiful god that he is!.. but clumsy her ..ONE drips of oil falls on his chest and .. he wakes up, then..her lover suddenly..defied...flys away..leaving her alone .... But in his mad escape, Psyche also is accidentally poked by one of his arrows and falls madly in love with him! Heartbroken, she is destined to travel the earth endlessly... looking for him.

Sounds like a great movie, huh?? that's why I'm not going to tell you the ending! and has a good ending..don't all good love stories? No one likes to be told the ending!

Ok.. ok...I'll tell you, anyway. But there is sooo much more to the story. You will have to go and see the movie if one ever comes out, ok? You know goes on and on.

Venus forces Psyche through all kinds of dangerous trials and tests. Throughout her journey- while looking for her lost love, Eros (Cupid)-after killing her sisters and a ton of help from lots of other Gods and creatures, she ends up in a deadly sleep. Who comes to save the day! That's got it! Eros !!!

He gets his mother, Venus to forgive the mere mortal Psyche ...only because of Psyche's undying love for Eros. He talks to the God, Zeus and the other Gods, and they go on to make her a Goddess, too! Yeahhh!!!! A Goddess of what? I hear you say? of Passion and Love. I know...too cute. They also have a baby! The goddess of sex! ( to put it lightly) hahah!

Doesn't this sound like your own story? Com'on now, could be!! If you know Mike and I... you know it could be mine!!

I remember my husband and my 1st kiss. Our first date was pretty much to satisfy my girlfriend's need for a double date- although I really enjoyed his company..he was always fun to be around and kept everyone entertained- Mike wasn't my type... far..far from it. One night when his parents were away on a trip out of the country, he had found himself with a large crowd of kids partying at his parents' house. Soon, more boys and girls began showing up, girls screaming, boys fighting.....the usual spilling of beer all over the floor, maybe even a few puking in the backyard!.. you know..what usually happens when a bunch of underage drinking gets out of control!

Well, I just happened to go to this party that night and..there..he was ..sitting on his parents sofa ..watching in despair..the anticipation of destruction to his mom's things (when he really wanted to shut things down, which by the way he did!) I looked ...from across the room into these sad, brown eyes and I could tell he had sincere regrets for his parents' home. I could see his remorse for him losing respect for his parents. At that age I didn't know many kids who concerned themselves much about anyone else but themselves so I easily took notice. I asked him if he was ok, we talked and later he kissed me.

I don't think Cupid's arrow was meant for me that night..but when he leaned in to kiss me.. it must have slipped and hit me. That was 40 years ago. I've looked into those brown eyes many times since and can still read the depth and character of that person I married. We've had our times of great passion and romance, times of huge forgiveness's and many, many times of drama and fun adventure, some times of little faith and great faithfulness in times of adversity, but one thing always remains a constant...we have our deep love for each other. Happy Valentines Day, my dear hubby, Mike. I Love you.... and (he! he!) this time I mean it!

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