Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Heart You Too

I'm so very sad lately.... so I'm leaving with something that ALWAYS makes me feel good inside. Thoughts of my grandchildren. I love them and I'm so glad they love me too!


Joy Heather said...

Thats so lovely...grandchildren are great for cheering us up...even on our darkest days.
I am sorry about your friends loss, your words were a comfort to anyone who as lost a friend or loved one, thank you for sharing them on your page.

Dreamer said...

Grandchildren are the best! I know they can cheer you up when things are too much. You have two wonderful ones there. Very sweet!

Train Wreck said...

Oh I am sorry you are sad. I hope it is just the humdrums. I know the weather will get me down sometimes. ((Warm Hugs))to help you feel better. You have such a soothing way with words. Your comments always lift my heart. I wish there was a Blogville and all my blog friends lived there! Wouldn't that be great, no one would ever have a chance to be sad. There would be too much laughin & hugs goin around.
If ever you just need to vent, or want to talk, please send me an email. I am here for you.