Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ABC's of My Granddaughter

My Grand-daughter..Kaitlyn just turned 10. (I know..I look way too young to have a 10 year old grand-daughter!)

Kaitlyn is very ADORABLE, of course! just ask me...her Nana!

Her mother and I, both think she's BEAUTIFUL and very BRIGHT.. maybe a few others might agree. Isn't she cute?

It goes without saying..she loves being a COWGIRL, she has loved all farm animals since she was old enough to sit on them..pet them, or help feed them. .........Esp. the baby CALVES and her sweet, sweet quarterhorse, CHEX. She learning to ride!!!

She was so tiny .... she had fun catching the CHICKENS! and COLLECTING the eggs.

(This was her little red angus CALF named ((HER))-"MANDY"..(yea... she was an oops..our good friends red bull got in with our black heifer!)
.....by the way...Kaitlyn does all the naming around here.

She even named the Bull.."BUTT HEAD". Go Figure!
Hey, ok, I know I'm out of order. I have alittle ADD (shouldn't that be under A??)

She has very naturally ..CURLY hair! Her parents should own stock in a detangler company. (Don't look at me..I wish she got it from my side of the family!) It is so ADORABLE. ...there's that A word again.

Although her real passion is to be a DOG-WHISPERER, as I think her favorite animals are her DOGS, one is named Otis and her lab is Cahill..she is 12 years old.

We love to watch her Sing and DANCE at her recitals, ( apparently on her side..sorry.....I am still working out the bugs in this blogging!.. can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?)

this is not a quiz? I really do need help!

Her middle name is ELIZABETH, a FAMILY name.. given to her after my GERMAN GRANDMOTHER but mostly because my daughter just liked the name. So do I. Don't you?

Her b-room is painted lime GREEN!!! (Hello...It will really wake you up in the morning!!)

FUNNY...why, yes.. she is! She will make you laugh just listening to her cute little GIGGLE

She is real cute...but she better not be HOT... at least not yet, right Dad? And as far as being IN-STYLE..her Mom still wants to dress her "pretty in pink" BUT she wants her JEANS and JELLIES to be "KRAZY KOOL".

KAITLYN is so LOVABLE and so LOYAL, so LOGICAL and so LUCKY... and sometimes

soooo LOUD, like the rest of this family. We are the LOUD Family. (I know, we're not the only Loud Family..I do know a few others. )

Her birthday is in the MONTH of MAY and she is usually MERRY! (WOW and her great-grandmother's name is MARY..the "Big M" to those that are related!!..it's a short story! I'll tell you about her some day.)

She is good at riding her four-wheeler MOTORCYCLE and gives her little brother rides around and around and around in the back ..sometimes ...losing him off the back... on the dirt berms! (Huh?...Buddy Bear! shhhshh...just wipe the dirt outta your MOUTH and ...don't tell Dad!)

Who ME?

Sometimes she is a little 'naughty NIGHT OWL and likes to stay up too late to watch TV ...Huummm??? MOMMY...wonder where she gets that??? (I know that M was out of sequence..but I had to shake it up..I told you ..I live dangerously)

I call her PUMPKIN, although I know apple PIE is her favorite. So is the color PURPLE!!!!!! ..also in her room!

She has a PUG named Otis, I have his brother, Oscar. They are her uncles and her brothers and cousins..all at the same time..in the dog/people world.......?? It works somehow!

Meet OTIS.. Oddie say ...Hello.

Do you think I'm PROUD of her?

Her QUICK-WIT is something I love to watch grow as she matures, as well as her REGARD for all things around her. She's GREEN!

She is the best older SISTER. Wyatt learned his love for ice cream from her. (and her love of ice cream comes from her DAD! but Dad starts with a D) She is good to her brother and he knows it.

She even plays with her little brother like they are in a band and sometimes in the SAND ..SAM I AM) She is his "bestest friend!!!!!" SWEET!!

A TENDER-HEART is what she has..Please don't break it!! You woundn't want to see her cry. She gets this ADORABLE (again) little pucker and her little tears well up ...it really makes me cry!!!

SHE IS.....

UNBELIEVABLY, UNDENIABLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, UNCONDITIONALLY.................the MOST adored granddaughter that I have.

DO YOU AGREE? (I'd love to hear about your grandkids..please... get pics ready!)

Kaitlyn..I just wanted to let you know AGAIN...you are

VERY....VERY ..........................loved!!!!!

Her brother's name is WYATT!

Kaitlyn's pot belly goat's name is "WRANGLER"...

I LOVE the Little Guy so much, too..WYATT I mean.

Did I tell you she is...




Miley thinks so, too! (sorry..I lost myself in the alphebet ..where was I?)

She is...... WORTH her WEIGHT in gold! Hey...Have you lifted her lately?

If you could take an X-RAY of my heart ..you'd see..it's full of LOVE for her! And will be for all the many YEARS to come........................

Oh yeah......Do you think she will be alittle.............
ZANY like her NANA?? !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...Monkey!!!!!!!!!
Thanks my dear daughter.... for giving her to me.

Now you have to scroll way way way down to post a comment..I told you I was blogger......challenged! Wwheww!!


Trudy said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!!!
Kay you are so lucky to have such an adorable and sweet grand daughter:)
She is beautiful and caring just like her mom and grandmother.
I know she and Wyatt bring you such joy. So very special:)

Love you all, Trudy

Joy Heather said...

What a cutie she is..i can see why you are proud of her, and the little fella is gorgeous too...i'll put some pics of mine on my blog...but most of them are quite grown now..the youngest Sophie is 11..they range from 11- 20...i do feel old when i say that..but grandkids bring us so much joy..and keep us young..lovely pictures Kay.

Faithful said...

Thank you Trudy and Joy Heather. I am a Huhmm..modestly... proud Grandma, I can't help myself. They are my life and give me so much strength with I am down.
Joy..your grandkids are ADORABLE, too. (even the grown ones.) I can just hear them now. They must keep you smiling!

Dreamer said...

She is a very sweet young lady and you are a lucky granny! Happy late birthday Kaitlyn! I love you tons, great Aunt Kerry

little apple tally said...

How interesting that we should both be writing about our grandkids.... along with their involvement with animals.... at about the same time. Isn't it great how we can have the fun of watching and helping with it all without having to take all the responsibility. Although I realize a lot of grandparents must take it all on out of necessity. The world works in mysterious ways......
But I regress! I say hurrah for our grand-parenting opportunities! You've got to love 'em!

Faithful said...

Little Apple~ That is the one of the nice perks of being a grand parent..the luxury of being able to send them home when they tire you out. I do feel fortunate not to be raising them full time like so many grandparents are now days as the job seems to be getting harder in these times. (even with all of our old-age wisdom!! Ha! ha!) I like being a Nana!