Monday, December 14, 2009

25 days of Christmas!

Here is a Christmas meme for ya ..You know what do do ...

1.What is your favorite Christmas song?

Santa Baby!

2. What's is your least favorite song?

Santa Baby!

3. What tops your Christmas tree? very old Angel, a SANTA, and a red cardinal..I like to LOOK at decorated christmas trees , so I put up 3!

4. What annoys you most about the holidays?

..people not wanting to let go of their ego trips at this time......

5. What is your favorite Holiday drink?

..alcohol with some brandy in it..I mean eggnog with brandy in it....

6. Who is your most favorite Christmas character?

..the guy with the jelly-belly! I have a tree full of him!

7. What was your favorite Christmas memory? brother waking us kids up before dawn, lining us on the sofa in the dark waiting for our parents to get up so we could go look and see what Santa brought! The little General would line us all up and would not let us tilt our head over lest we drift off back to sleep... the excitement of sitting there in the dark looking at the beautiful lit tree with all my brothers and sisters...with it's smell and the smell of bags of fresh oranges, candy canes and nuts! Boy...I loved my brother so!

8. Do you find sitting on Santa's lap fun or creepy?

The older I got the funner it became! Ho! Ho! Ho!!

9. What would make you happy this Christmas?

...Understanding....forgiviness and Peace!

10. Out of the 12 days of Christmas..which day and gift would you want your true love to give to you?

....Give me them milking cows! We drink alot of milk around here! and...I'll keep those hard workin' maids, too!

11. When do you put your tree up and when do you take it down?

hopefully... up by the 6th and down by the 6th...(as soon as the 3 Kings come and fill our shoes!)

12.Why do you think Grandma got ran over by a reindeer?

...obviously.....Santa was celebrating New Years alittle early!

13. What is your favorite Christmas recipe?

..Dulce Leche yellow cake with Chocolate frosting!

14. Do you believe in Santa Claus?

...Yes...If you believe ...he will come!

15. What was the best Christmas toy/ gift you have ever received? husband home for Christmas...

16. Real tree or fake tree?

...I have ice-cycle fake tree for my bedroom, one fake Santa tree for the living room and one real Cowboy tree for the family room. I LOVE decorated TREES!

17. Do you leave alittle something-something out for Rudolf or for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Nah.. no more ..not since the grandchildren found the carrots and brownies un-eaten... Santa forgot...bad, bad Santa!

18. Do you believe in Christ?

....well......Hello...... Tis the Reason for the Season!

19. Do you wrap gifts for your pets? and then let them unwrap them? What do you get them?

...... bones and sweaters! bones and sweaters....Doesn't everybody?

20. Are you still reading this?

......I quit along time ago.

21. What is your favorite Christmas dinner? Rib!...mashed potatoes

22. Do you decorate your house with Holiday Blow-ups?

.....Don't even go there!

23. Did you buy your dog coat or sweater this year?

...Nah old , skinny horse needed one far worse!

24. Are you a Grinch or a Who?

......nether....I'm more like the little dog!!

25. What do you really want for Christmas?

That you all have a Happy and Loving Christmas!


Train Wreck said...

Hands done that has to be the best meme I have read! Blow ups! lol What great answers you have my friend;) 3 trees?! Wow that is awesome! Since my divorce, I have barely enough ornaments to cover 1 tree. Who thinks to ask for those? I think this year we will string popcorn, and make our own ornaments.Maybe add some apples (wink) thank you for the compliment ((hugs))

Faithful said...

Kim..sorry to hear this have had so much to deal with this last year..
I remember my 1st tree. I could only decorate the front and I also strung it with popcorn and homemamade ornaments...but it went up anyway and it had one string of lights. (just don't put butter on the popcorn..yuk!) Between God and my kids..I find strength and remain Faithful that everything will get easier and is happening for a reason. Just remember to Believe in yourself!! (((double hugs)))

The Wife said...

Merry Christmas Faithful! Hope Santa treats you well this year!

Faithful said...

Thanks Kit, I'll make sure to sit extra long on his lap ..he! he! I hope you and your cute family have a a happy season, too! God Bless you!