Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tax Time

((can ya even read the small print circled in red??))
Yes is THAT time of year again! THAT dark and dreaded time.

That time when Wesly, my son banishes me to the cold , dark recesses of the dungeon-like office and says, "NEVER COME OUT! UNTILL THE fricking Ta567372##41 ARE DONE AND READY TO GO!"
ooohh there's that.... FIVE LETTER WORD!, again! Nooo..don't say it! It's like acid on your tongue! Not even at a whisper..I might hear you. ..then it would burn my ear. (I only have one left..Mike burned up the other one from asking one too many times " Are the fricking *TA76%6$#!7 done..YET?" My poor little fingers are so frightened..they won't even type the word. see...TTaaaaa%5222###3. Hating it ! hate! hate! Yep..I'm a hater!

This is the time when I have to pay the piper for my long year of procrastination! (Where is the local Procrastinators Anonymous?) And what have I been doing all year when I should have been keeping up with the books... you ask?? Reading you'alls wonderful and ingenious blogs! Yep..I'm addicted....and what a great addicted diversion its been!

I have spent so much of my work-I mean- spare time enjoying intelligent, talented, thoughtful, virtuous, educational, spiritual, funny and and sometimes sad postings. Not even to mention the beautiful pictures you all take. Who needs a vacation or "Calcon to be taken away! when I have the blogg-o-sphere at my fingertips !! I just grab a blanket, a snack, curl up with my pug, Oscar, turn on the space heater, and I'm where-ever I want to go! (that is until my back starts hurtin', or my legs fall asleep, or yikes..the sun comes up!)

But when am I gonna learn! Can you answer me that? ..after all, I am (barely) old enuff to know better! (Shut up Wesly! I am your Mother!)

Well, here Iam blogging, again..
sooo...I better pull my head out of where it doesn't belong ( before they bury me that way) so as the government can get to doing what it knows how to do best!
But don't think for a moment.. I won't be lurking!!

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gtyyup said...

LOL...yep...I'm right there with you...but I'd rather be riding...or blogging...anything but the T word!