Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kissing the Blarney Stone.'s been a hell-of-a couple of much calamity goes on in my life... again..I think the universe is trying to tell me it's time for a Really BIG CHANGE!!!!! I know..i know.. I could use a small "quick lift".....but I think I'll just start with this blog. hey..maybe I should change the name to "Calamity Kay's"!

Well, after the grandchildren told me they were settin' out traps to catch a leprechaun on St. Paddy's Day ..I thought, .."Yea..what better way to use the brilliantly honed skills I'll developed over the years (snooping in my 3 kid's private life's and trapping the marauding mice in the garage).. to the little green bugger that must be making those questionable messes thru out the house during the night when I am fast asleep......

(Nooo... I'm not talking about my peeing-pug -Oscar.. and Mike is more of the tan- yellowish color..)

.. I'm making it me job to capture the clever little Irish guy with the pot-o-gold! .... Oh yea..I'd settle for Gerald Butler as I 've a luvin' heart for him ..but isn't he Scottish? soon as it stops it's raining here and the darn sun comes and me leprechaun.......will be sitting crosslegged, at the end of that rainbow.. sippin' on a big glass of green Guinness .......... or two.....before heading off to me long forgotten homeland.. thee emerald green Isles of me Ireland!

"Erin go Braga!"

yea ..didn't I tell ya...I'm a lass ..with a wee bit of Irish in me blood! I called my dear sweet ... as I wanted some true verification of exactly what % of Irish blood I had running in me Celtic veins before I put any % of Irish whiskey in me Celtic belly! Her.. (in her full German brogue) ..said, "Now, McKay, my O' know your father was mostly German but I do know that your father's grandfather was a true blooded Irish, esp. after your own father naming your sister's a boy's name "KERRY"! The story goes your great-grandfather went off one day into the hills....and was never to be heard of again!..... leaving your poor great- grandmother and your grandmother and all her younger brothers and sisters to fend for themselves your great-grandmother packed up all her meager belongings in a covered wagon and headed across country to a better life in Texas. Your grandma always said that they thought he was surely killed in those woods by the revenue agents for making "Poitin"....better known as White Lightening! wow!! My great-grandfather was a moon shiner!! "Faith and Begarra!"

Well...Hurray!!! My Irish eyes are smiling!

... I now know why my favorite color is green and why my polka looks just like the Irish jig! as the luck of the Irish would have plan is to get me gold and get to the Blarney Castle and give that Old ROCK one smacker and bring back .........

.....BUT.... don't sit on your hands waiting for me...I love your blogs so much so if you don't see me here .....know I read yours everyday.




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dickiebo said...

Keeping my head down 'til the Wedding is over!!!!!!