Friday, November 11, 2011

My heros aren't only Cowboys!

My heros aren't only cowboys!

My Thanks and God's blessings to ALL the SPECIAL heros serving in ALL the branches of the United States Armed Forces. Your sacrifices and your willingness to serve our country is greatly appreciated by so many.

In remembrance, it's an honor to have had family members serve, as so many of us Americans have. Their patriotism will always be remembered and highly regarded..... my thanks and God's Blessings.

To All who have fought, seen action , or not..but served their time, away from their families and homes... to help protect this thanks and God's blessings.

And to those and their families ..who have suffered or are suffering with injuries, or have lost a loved one in the line of deep thanks and May God Bless you.


dickiebo said...

PS. YOU were quite a catch!!!

Linda said...

A big AMEN from me!