Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, I try to be a positive person, glass half full kind of thing. Coupled with the economy being such as it is and my husband's ill health, our small business has been in dire jeopardy, and I'm trying to think about what we will be eating next.. my son is sharing 1/2 of a beef and hopefully we will be trying new recipes for fresh elk. I wish I could be relieved that the election it is over so we could move forward but I am just so sad. The negativity of this election campaign and now the aftermath of what should be an united front for all has really gotten' me down. The egotistical and offensive actions from the people around me.. my fellow Americans. Ya know, I think, "WE" are intelligent enough to "GET" Obama, what I don't think alot of people get, as much, is that life is about learning lessons, and the teaching of how to love and help each other learn the lessons. Life is full of hardships, as well as sacrifices, this country was built on them. I'm all for helping when I can, even when I can't, but many people haven't much left to sacrifice. That is life and that is the real world. Every person has to carry their weight and then the strong can help the weaker. But we can't learn in the face of closeminded devisiveness esp. from our loved ones. Teaching one not to dare voice their different views or else be deleted is a true disappointment. There's always "two sides to a coin". Compromise works. And really..when does the healing begin? shouldn't it have been there all along? There's talk of coming together now, what was wrong with peaceful talks before this election? isn't that one thing Mr. Obama supposedly stands for? People who are standing up for him are really not behind him. Hypocrites? truths and lies ? Who's the Judge? You? or God?

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