Friday, November 7, 2008


YOU GO GIRL! Keely You Did It! He is a beautiful Bull Elk. After pure exhaustion - even an army crawl on your belly!- you took aim and your good shot got the job done right!Congradulations! from us that know what strength it took to go on this hunt and what obstacles you faced in doing so. You met the challenge! Not counting the times you fell in a fox hole? or toppled your bike , or was covered in freezing mud? Hurrah! You accomplished your goal! To reach inside of yourself when it was so icy, cold and dark..where the rocky, unforgiving, terraine was steep going up but seemed so much more intimidating looking down. Where as a woman, you're wanting to measure up as one of the guys, to carry your own weight but yet not being one of the guys because your just a little 5'3" girl. Well , I'm not surprised a bit, I've always known what kind of character you'd find in youself.. with all we've faced in these past 2 1/2 years, you've already shown it to me. You've grown so much, overcome some pretty hard times lately, and still have some tough times ahead, yet learning to count on yourself with the help of others (thanks to the camaraderie of the men that worked hard for your success) will be your future fortune. Hear her ROAR! :) let me add: Hunting is not only a good 'sport' and a great way to experience the beautiful outdoors but it's about being fair, humane, athletic, tough, realistic, and testing yourself in ways a lot of people don't dare. And of course, we'll all enjoy Bryce's (see pic below) tasty meals from this treasured meat that many like better than beef! Your dad, brother's and I agree with your son, Wyatt, when he said " Mommy, I'm proud of you."

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