Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Resolution:\rez-e-'lu-shen\n 1.: the act or process of reducing to simpler form as a: the act of analyzing a complex notion into a simpler ones b: the act of answering: solving c: the act of determining
Aha!! that time of year again!! Since I have NEVER kept any of the New Years Resolution(s) I've ever made in the month of January, I think this January I'm going to make many!!! (to break) ha! ha! I've always made only one real biggee so that it could easily be broke, right? I....mean kept. Well, this year...my thinking is to reduce to simpler process the act of solving this notion of why I have such a need to change myself ..and /or others (ummph...we all know you can't change others..you can only change yourself!!) ...by analyzing my own complex ideas of things ..got that? well...neither did I!! Anyway. here goes 10:
#1) Eating healthier.. loosing weight..blahh..blahh..blahh!! I know. carrots..celery..wheat bread..no more yummy ice cream after everyone goes to bed! I will, I will. (after that last bunch of fudge is gone....and those cookies Keely made. I promise.)
#2) I'll start going to the Gym. yeah. yeah.. I'll hafta get in line, because all that equipment is kinda busy right now.. or I might just have to wait until February ..or March or maybe even June..till after all those wannabee-get-in-fitters have all quit.
#3) I should try being nicer to my kids. hey, "Who are you and why are you calling ME Mom? "
#4) I'm gonna stop procrastinating ....I need to sweep the cobwebs off the ceiling and paint that spot in the corner, or how about pulling out the dryer or even the refrigerator and cleaning all that embarrassing gunk under them? Wait..I think these fall under #8... so I'll get back to this one.
#5) How about being more gregarious and making more Friends! I need more friends! Blogging! Do you think the Blogging will work?!!
#6) Saving money! (I stole this one from a fellow blogger cause it sounds so noble and good) But don't I have to make money first?
#7) Oh Yeah!!! I will try and make some Money. You know, get a real job! I need to keep this resolution. I will really, really , reeeeaaalllly will try to keep this one, cause I like to eat ..and that costs money, and then I can try and keep #6.
#8) Ok, ok... I will clean my house in those places where we height/challenged, dust/allergic, or spider/un-friendly people dare not go. (I'm not sure if the need for this resolution is because of a character flaw, inner ear problems or just a phobia, but it has good merits so it will remain) Also, time is not always on our side, but I the need to quit making up excuses is a whole other resolution and it doesn't have a number!
#9) Almost all of us need this one......I will manage my time better..(what? ..no more naps?) This one probably sums up a couple of the above including too much time spent blogging and not making any money!
#10) This resolution is the one I just have to keep. It is to remain POSITIVE. I promised my daughter I would. It is my favorite. What do you think?


Lover of Life said...

I like all of your resolutions. I am cutting down on meat consumption, and resolving to be healthier. I cannot say I will be svelte by 2010, but I can try to be healthier. No more candy! Okay, after that bowl of little tootsie rolls are gone :-)

Dreamer said...

My only resolution is not to make any. I fail evert time, so why! I will just try to be good.