Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy B'day Buddy Bear!

When you were a wee wee tot
We sat you on your wee wee pot
Whether you had to wee wee or not!
Happy 6th Birthday Buddy Bear!!
Here comes another just like the other!
Wyatt and his Uncle Tee are alot alike ...besides having their b-days just 3 days apart. To his Mother's surprise, Wyatt was born a very big baby, 10 lbs! (so was his Dad!) and poor little girl had him without a ceasarin! He was above the 90 percentile on the growth chart as an infant, and ..Still..his size is off the charts as he now weighs 75 lbs! Can you beleve that? No?...I know..most people can't! Many times women used to comment on his inability to talk ..because he looked as tho he was 4 years old... Keely would say , "Hey...he's only TWO!"
The big guy is so shy, sweet and very kind, something like a gentle giant. But please, look out.... you don't want to get him mad! (his temper is something else he inherited from his Uncle Tee!) Just ask his sissy. Oh, he loves to wrestle, wrestle..and then ..ya..wrestle some more!.. which is something his Uncle Wee and Uncle Te always seem to find the time for... and end up making the space for.. (ie; toppled furniture, re-arranged rugs, bruised up innocent by-standers feet!) just to accommodate him! I'm telling you..the kid is tough...T-U-F-F. (something you have to be living in this family) cause he'll take you down!!! We keep warning everyone.. ..Watch out! Don't piss him off cause someday.. he's gonna be sooo HUGE! I'm glad he's not one to hold onto a grudge.
So far...he has played soccer and basketball, ( boy..that was funny.. cause he looked like Wilt Chamberlain out there on the basketball floor.... reaching and looking over top of the other kids! We tried not to laugh!) He is looking forward his 1st year in teeball and, of course, he wants to play football cause everyone has said "Now there's a future Football Player!" (and both uncles played football)
Not unlike his uncle Te, he likes to weigh everything he does.. before making any kind of decision or move as he's sooo careful not to make a mistake and wants to do it just right. And when he commits to it.. he takes it very seriously, accomplishes the task at hand and, I gotta say, he does a very good job! Way to go! Buddy!
Well, Wyatt's Dad is one of his best role models. It really..really shows cause he acts and dresses alot just like him (uhhmm..go figure) ...last week his parents were wondering where the Lil' man went off to? ...after looking just about everywhere inside for him.. they finally ..found him.. out in the yard...behind the new addition being built.. dressed out in all his work clothes (work-boots, hat, and his very own tool belt) with a saw in hand... mindfully ..studying over a set of blue prints his Uncle Wee had given him ..going to town on a piece of lumber, then coming back to study the blueprints again! He cracked his adoring mother up...and brought a knowing smile to his dad's face.
Well, Mommy is a stay-at-home-mom, and she is all about giving him the "luvin's" ..which I might quite often.. ( and don't tell him I told ya but he is really a mommy's boy...yeah! what little guy isn't at 5!!) ps. I try and get as much as I can of those luvins too!
Big Sis, is his favorite person in the world! She is his teacher, his playmate, and his mentor. (and sometimes his worst opponent) I tell ya...that is why he is soo smart. He uses her large vocabulary ( "I need to concentrate! " and "That was awkward!") .. her style of dance ( he does hip-hop).. her ideas about how to play Guitar Hero (he likes to play without his shirt and with a smirk).. her sense of humor (which I really have to blame on their sick, sick -parents! Their Dad taught him to spell dad =B-O-S-S and mom= B-O-S-S-Y when he was 3.).. and her cute ideas of life in general.
My case in point: Their beloved dog had just died, where they had been told that poor Pepper (the dog) was now an angel in Heaven. She went on to tell her little brother that everyone and everything who has passed away will become guardian angels, then she went on to name them all and to whom they belonged to! Pepper being hers. (Mine being Dippy 30 year old horse, who else would it be? ) soon Wyatt asked "Sissy, who's my angel?" to which she replied. "Your's is Blue Bird !" (our parakeet that died last year) to which he cried, "Ahhhh, ohhnooo!" She quickly responded with, "Ok, I'll share Pepper..... but you have to take the back half!" ha! ha! He was perfectly happy with that!
I know I don't have to say how proud and happy his NaNa and GrandPa are of him, but you know I will anyway!! We just adore him and we need our Wyatt 'fix' daily. He makes us laugh and makes us forget about our woes for awhile as we fight over who got the most kisses. We are so thankful he enjoys us too!
So have a fun Birthday! Mister!
We love you!


Trudy said...

Happy birthday big guy! I don't hear a lot of talking going on when you are around, but I do know of your very sweet and tender heart. Have a great 6th birthday! I don't know if you know it, but you share your second cousin Lauras birthday!
Happy birthday Wyatt and Laura!!!!!!
Love, Aunt Trudy

zingtrial said...

Happy birthday :)
The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of a life well spent is eternal.
Wishing you all the best

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday to the little big guy.

Lover of Life said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Wyatt!

Faithful said...

Thank You all for the birthday wishes. Wyatt had some friends from his kindergarden class over for a party where they played in a bounchy house! I just love all Aquarius! the water bearer..they are such deep thinkers!