Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 21 years of Life!!

I'M 21! BABY!!

Thomas, Tom, tommy, tee tee, tomtom, tomidic, sonny, gates, floyd, brother & tiny will turn 21! The baby, my last born.... the left over cookie dough will finally turn the page into MANHOOD! I know..can you believe it and I'm just a girl myself! I think he has been looking forward to it for some time now (and not only because he will be getting an ID with his real picture on it! ) yes...and he wants to celebrate! This rite of passage, when turning 21.. of getting drinks (or shots ) bought at a club (his being the ole local Cowboy hangout) by friends and literally anyone that knows you are becoming of "age", goes back as far as I can think of. But just the same, all that alcohol being slammed down his throat has us more than nervous as he will always be thought of Mike's and my's little guy. (he's 6' 1 & 1/2".. we measured today! (I know...Ahhhhh!! )

First, let me say...all 3 of my children were gifts from God. (I hear ya..aren't they all) After losing my ovary to an serious infection, I thought I could never any children, but was blessed with our beautiful, precious daughter, Keely. While always trying for more children and being told I needed a hysterectomy and some more surgery.. my sweet, dependable son, Wes, was born , but it was 8 years later! Still, we 4 .. wanted another baby...and it had to be a boy! We had given had been another whole 7 years and no baby. Then.. lo and behold!! (Not unlike an elephant... I, too, must drop an egg every 7 years) comes the biggest surprise of a baby....Tommy OMG! (the other 2 were under 7 lbs) ...he ended up weighing in at 9 lbs 4oz.!!! that's why his Dr. named him "tiny".

My Tom Tom, he's so independent, and strong, so sure of what he wants in life, I should feel secure that he will make the right decisions to take care of himself, now and for the rest of his life...after all, isn't that what we have always tried to teach him? He doesn't have anything to prove to us, as we are so proud of the young man he has shown himself to be. His understanding, his intelligence, his loyalty, his heart, his humor .. are all what makes him the person we all trust and care so much for.

Those late nights when I hear him playing his keyboard..practicing the beautiful song "Fur Elise" over and over again.....I think and am so moved by: his willingness to improve upon himself... the way he believes in his family and friends... the way he defends his older brother and sister to no end and always has their backs... the way he loves with sincerity his niece and nephew as if they were his own little brother and sister... the way he gently rubs and touches his dad's head or feet to let him know he will always be there for him... and his never changing true love for his family.

Well, sonny, although I know you will have lost many of those precious little brain cells, I pray you wake up with your liver in tact and your stomach lining still inside your body, and the body that I so carefully created for you 21 years ago, will still be in one piece. ( have class Monday morning! he he!!) I, do, hope your 21st Birthday is a Happy one.

Some of the Good Things To Have Done Before You Turn 21!

1( Voted; like Diddy said: Vote or Die, I'm glad you didn't die

2( Graduated High School; no explanation needed

3( Snuck into a night club; now you won't make a fool of yourself cause you just turned 21; and won't have any regrets about never sneaking into a club

4( Had your heart broken; you know what pain is

5( Never got married; before you're 21? just don't do it

6( Owned your own pet; I hate cleaning up poop

7( Forgave someone; being angry doesn't hurt anyone but yourself

8( Learned to play poker; your dad is too feeble to teach you now

9( Got a job; if you don't know what a hard day's work means, what is the point of a drink after a hard day?

10( Found your favorite drink; so when you are out on your 21st birthday binge ..the possibility of others getting you too slobbering drunk on different kinds of booze won't be that much of a temptation


Lover of Life said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! We love you, too. You have grown into such a kind, SOULFUL, man. I love the way you care for your Mom and Dad, and how much you remind me of him when he was your age. You have been a treat to watch grow up. Good job, Mom and Dad!

Trudy said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! We are so proud of the young man you have become. Keep on trucking along in college, you will be sooooo happy that you did. Always stay as sweet and caring as you are. You have shown us all what it is all about.
We love you tons,
Aunt Trudy
Uncle Lee
Jake and Zane

Dreamer said...

Happy 21st Tommy! Tons of love, Aunt Kerry