Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meme to me..yes me!

I know ...we get these little pass-em-alongs..all the time, and I, truly enjoy seeing them come back to me, as it's always interesting to learn a little more about the people who I co-respond thru emails! I have often found out how much more ..interesting little facts we all.. have in common. But this last one just takes the cake.. it cracked me up.. with the way it was phrased and listed! I'm sorry....I just couldn't help myself as I'm back on prednisone and this powerful drug can ..whack-out-my-mind, and bring out a little Robin Williams in me ... and I tend to see everything on the far-side!

Please.. respond if you'd like..I'd love hearing what you like to share about yourself and/or your little quirks!! or send me a meme more familiar so we can partake in the intangible things that make up our everyday lives!! Consider yourself MeMe'd

"Here's what you are supposed to do. and please don't be a spoil the fun. Hit forward, delete my answers, type in your answers and send it to a bunch of people including me."

Now..you know I can't do that

1. Where is your cell phone?
call me and then i can tell you!? never can find the damn thing!
2. Your significant other?
Well, ok..I'll let him know too.
3. Married?
yes, he.. uhm..Bierdie is.
4. Your Mother?
No, he's not married to my mother. Mary was married twice, once to my father, Rich.
5. Your Father?
I told you..Rich married Mary, then he accidentally died when i was 7months old, I was told he had a beautiful funereal, and was buried in a cemetary in Wyoming..
6. Your favorite place?
not hardly.. I don't like cemeteries...IS IT yours?
7. Your dream last night?
No.. it was'nt, THIS really happened! But i do share dreams. Sometimes I'd share them with my sister, Kerry ..like the time we caught polliwogs all day and had them in little jars all over our bedroom! We both had the same nightmare of rolling in them and sqwishing them in our bed that night!
8.Your favorite drink?
No, no ..I prefer to drink beer over even trying the best polliwog juice!
9.Your dream/goal?
Het..You've been talking to my family, haven't you? I drink just for recreational purposes! Really..it's not like drinking can be a life's accomplishment or anything! geesh!
10. The room your in?
Yea...I'll drink beer ..here in the office or there, just about anywhere! Up or down or all around town!
11. Your fear?
Mary reading this.
12. Where will you be in 6 years?
Uhh..sounds like.. maybe..re-hab!
13. Where were you last night?
driving Bierdie to "IN and OUT" (his fav place!)
14. Muffins?
no..we ate burgers ..i already have a muffin top around my middle.
15. One wish?
That I didn't have to go to "IN and OUT" ever again!
16. What your not?
Being funny! seriously, I'm serious!
17. Where you grew up?
Thanks alot.. some say I have yet to grow up!
18. The last thing you did?
19. What are you wearing?
a smile on my face
20. Your TV?
Yes.. when I have the remote.. it's MINE! all MINE!
21. Your pet?
Ok, ok , I'll claim the peeing pug, but you can't have him, ..... I'm willing to share the frog.
22. Your computer?
What computer?
23. Your life?
No.. it's not mine..I'm living vicariously through my children.
24. Missing someone?
25. Your car?
No..why are you here to repo something?
26. Something your not wearing?
Huhh! Scuba gear! Duhh?
27. Your favorite color?
Black with White.. that makes grey..right?
28. When is the last time you laughed?hahhahhahhhaaaaahhhaaaaaa!
29. Last time you cried?
"Cowgirls don't cry!" (singing as i type)
30. Mood? Y!
You noticed that too..weird!


Trudy said...

Do you know how much you make me laugh? How come when I got that Meme,my answers weren't as entertaining as yours were. I think you missed your calling:) I'm still waiting for my recipes.........
I know where you live, you can run but you cant hide:):):):):):):)

Joy Heather said...

So funny..loved it..but oooppps you were serious of course...sorry i'm always saying the wrong thing !!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog(about the Tamworth pigs)..by the way you mention 'Kerry your Sister'..is that my friend Kerry?? Wife to Howard and Mother to Dee by any chance ??..Hi anyway good to know someone out there reads my blog now & then.

prairierunner said...

You are too funny, sort of in the distracted way I am:)