Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking outside of the box!

My son posed this puzzle to me yesterday! It was one choice of 7 on completing Section II, of his term paper for college. He knows this family loves to solve puzzles so he also called his older brother and sister-law, to see who would get the answer first...if at all.

Section I: Answer All 3 of the following questions thoroughly. All 3 mandatory.
1. Compare the world views of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Include how mythopoeic thought and their respective environments contributed to the construction if their world views and describe in detail the culture themes expressed in the mythologies and literature that sustain the world views.
2.Discuss the monotheistic development of the conception of the Hebrew deity in historical terms and in detail. How did the trials and tribulations of the Hebrew people in the course of their history contribute to this development?
3.Describe the general evolution of the Greek polis, and consequently of constitutionalism, from the 12th-5th Centuries BC. Compare the political and social developments of Sparta and Athens as different examples of constitutions

Section II:Choose ONE of the following questions and answer thoroughly.
1. Describe three characteristics of civilized society that are evident in the late 4th millennium BC during Jemdet Nasr period in the Mesopotamian Valley.
3. What do the Iliad and the Odyssey reveal about Dark Age Greek political structure, social organization, and cultural values/ideals?
6.The Greeks gave many contributions to western civilization. List and describe three of these ideas and explain how they have an impact on our society today.

just a few of the questions on Section give you an idea of where #7 will be coming from and that it wasn't some dumb, random thing. get my 'point' favorite...out of the seven questions...

7. Solve the puzzle-connect all nine points in the figure using only four lines WITHOUT lifting your pencil/pen from the page. Think "Socratically"-the Metaphor of the Cave. Envision the answer beyond what you think you know. Think outside of what you perceive, break the chains that restrict your thinking, and get past the shadows of what you understand to be reality to solve the puzzle.

. . .

. . .

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try it and let me know what you think!!! oh yeah fair googling!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I got this as my Mid-Term Take home Exam yesterday too. Interesting isn't it? I wonder if your son is in my class European History Class? Tell him good luck!

The Wife said...

Wow, it hurt my brain just reading it! Actually, I couldn't even make my eyes focus to read it. They crossed and I managed to press the comment button before they stuck!

Faithful said...

How random is it that you may have the same teacher, same class, same school, or same state, etc; ...???
My sons' teacher is Mr Kemp.. what selection did you choose in section II? Did you get the answer? he chose #7.... I'll let you know if he got it correct!

Faithful said...

The Wife!
LOL!! too funny!!! the boy hurt my brain with this one too! I gave up... and threw my pencil and paper at my older son and was pissed cause, he didn't even have to pick up a piece of paper to solve it.

Dreamer said...

My brain just is not what it once was! I don't like to think about hard stuff. I have a full brain. I am glad to know someone knows the amswers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is too funny! Yes, I am the one who committed on your son and I was having the same Mid-Term take home Exam. My Professor's name is Mr. Kemp and Yes, I picked Section II #7. This is interesting. What a small world! LOL! Did your son write 15-18 pages too for our Mid-Term exam? I wrote 15 in a quarter pages. My brain hurts now. LOL!