Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunise

The phone rang early. Real early.. as the sun just peeked over the small hills behind our house. Mike was always up at dawn, he loved the mornings and he loved to talk! If you know Mike you know he had "the gift of gab!"
So he was always cheerfully trying to bribe me out of my warm bed with the bait of a hot cup of coffee..made perfectly.. just for me. He would dangle my opened.. fuzzy robe and patiently wait for me to slip into it, only to see me stumble to the couch and back into my sound, slobbery slumber.

I am not a talker or a morning person!

Oh, but that glorious morning sun would creep in through the kitchen windows and fill the whole great room up with it's beautiful warm rays of sunlight. The rooms would glow with a rich sparkle and give off such a grand feeling of renewed spirit!

Ring!! Ring!! " Hello" Mike said. " Isn't it a beautiful sunrise this morning, don't you think?" came from the soft voice on the other end of the line. "Why.. yes! Ma mam. It sure is!" my husband answered. The woman replied "Oh, I'm sorry, I' have the wrong number. I thought I was calling my daughter. I thought I could share the sunrise with her." To which my husband responded with " That's OK, I too am up early and enjoy the sunrises ." And so the friendship began.

Mike often talked about his "Sunrise Lady Friend."

He would tell us of how she called often.. over the next many years...whenever there was a magnificent sunrise and she wanted to share it with my husband. He told us that she was an elderly lady, widowed, and was living on a ranch in Yerington, Nevada.

He also said she loved to paint sunsets and sunrises from the window of her room. He would often say, "My sunshine lady called this morning and wished me a good day!" and we would all giggle! Half thinking it was cute and half thinking he just made the whole thing up. If you now Mike... you know he likes to tell stories.

Until.. one morning when our boys were up early getting their horses ready for a roping, and my youngest answered the early morning "Ring, Ring"! "Hello!" ....."It's another beautiful sunrise isn't it!" Well. ..then we were all convinced! And....after that Mike would always remind me of Edward, the main character in the movie "Fish!" (You gotta see that movie.)

But eventually the phone calls stopped, except one.

And this time, it was me who answered that phone. And the conversation went something like this: "Hello, I don't want to bother you and I don't know how to ask you this...but was a lady calling you quite often and talking to a man about sunrises?" I had told her "Yes" and that my husband was always talking of a lady who phoned him early in the morning just in time to catch the dawn. The woman said "That would be my mother". This lady had told her children of a man who's number she had accidentally dialed and had conversed with for many years about her love of sunrises. The family was very apprehensive at first we learning of this relationship and were more concerned that she might be a nuisance, but she assured them that all was fine and the friendship was mutual.

She was indeed older, but not too elderly or feeble, but was limited to her wheelchair. She loved to paint pictures of sunsets and sunrises from the view of her second story bedroom window, while remaining on her family's multi-generational ranch.
Sadly, she had just passed away. Her family wanted to thank this mystery "sunrise man" as she talked highly of him. They wanted him to know that they appreciated the fact that he took time for her and tell him of how he gave her great pleasure and companionship. They invited us as guests to her funeral.

Now, that early morning sun shines every day through our bedroom window glaringly...right into my face! It warms up our bedroom and it's bright sunlight rouses me up if though I really don't want to wake so early.... as I'm still not a morning person! I usually roll over and snuggle up to my sleeping husband... thinking of the many years gone by.. watching my husband breathe...the one that can't seem to notice the blinding light or the dawn he used to treasure so much! He is very tired now and his energy is low. Ans his gregarious nature is all but gone. He needs a renewed spirit!

For those of you who have inquired, his dialysis is going Ok. He is not a candidate for a new kidney as he was taken off the liver/kidney transplant list when he got diagnosed with cancer.

He is a strong man and has overcome such huge obstacles so far and for that I have tremendous faith in him. As long as he has God and the love of his family he will remain strong. I thank you all for your concern and esp. your prayers. You mean alot to Mike, me and my kids. I wish you a Happy Easter and hope you enjoy many beautiful Sunrises!


Dreamer said...

Happy Easter to you both, from a loving sister. I hope you wake to a wonderful sun rise! I love you tons and send all my energy Mick's way. Love you, your sister Kerry

Dreamer said...

OOps, I ment Mike's way! Bad hands this eary morn. I am going out to watch the sun light up the sky! Love, Kerry

Joy Heather said...

Thank you for sharing that story of the sunrise was lovely..those pictures were lovely too..did you paint them ? I do hope & pray that your husband stays strong..and enjoys those sunrises more & more...have a lovely Easter..Joy

Train Wreck said...

Oh waht a beautiful story, I was fighting the tears! What a wonderful man your husband is. I am sure the "Sunrise Woman" Eyes beamed as she told her family of her conversations with your hubby. What a special friendship. Funny how people come into our lives. I feel truly blessed to have met so many wonderful friends here. Thank YOU, for your friendship. I do keep your husband as well as yourself in my thoughts and prayers. Have a blessed Easter. You are a great wife and friend.

Oh my...My word verification is "seeke" hmmmm? see things happen for a reason.

Pony Girl said...

That was a really nice and touching story. I wish your husband good health!
I had to chuckle because my dad's name is Mike and he self-claims he has the "gift of gab!" ;) I love the artwork accompanying this it your own? Happy, happy Easter!

The Wife said...

THAT was an awesome story. Enjoy those sunrises. I will keep Mike in my prayers.

Faithful said...

Thank you all for your good thoughts, energy and your prayers. THEY ARE SO APPRECIATED FROM MIKE AND ME. You all make me feel so much better.
No, Joy and Pony Girl, I wish I could claim these pieces as mine, as I would love express my self that way. The art reminded me of what I thought the Sunrise Lady would have painted!

Pony Girl, I hope you enjoy your dad's gift to gab as we often miss Mike's entertainment. Thank you for your good wishes!

Sister, I'll lovingly think of you.. sitting on your porch..having your coffe..when the sun wakes me in the morning. Thanks for the healing energy!

Joy, Thank you for your sweet concern and prayers, I know God is listening. I hope your Easter was lovely too.. over there in Tamworth, England!

Trainwreak, you are such dear person. Friendship is precious no matter where it comes from and I thank you for it. Thank you for the compliments and continuous prayers. I know things happen for a reason and there is a plan to all happenings. We are truly blessed.

The Wife, I hope you too enjoy the sunrises.. you are such a good spirited girl! Thanks for putting Mike in a few of your prayers.

gtyyup said...

How interesting...I'm making a comment on this inspiring post and I see a comment from you come into my email inbox at the same time. You've visited me many times and are so gracious with your comments, and I thank you.

I just want to send you and your husband blessings~~you're in my prayers~~