Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Self Expression

A little creative ..I am, ....an artist on canvas...I think not. But I do have that elusive dream... of sitting in some peaceful sunny place (my hat on of course), paint brush in hand...with a background sound of either..the soothing, ocean surf..or the fresh, repetitive chirps of the morning birds..or maybe just the soft music of the band Astomphere playing softly in the background....passing away my leisure time...painting on canvas! (don't you?) Self expression......a soothing of the soul. Painting on canvas is something I think a lot of us would like to try.

My youngest, Mr. Gates, is the artist in our family, (Oh, I can't forget..I have budding artists in my grandchildren, too) He has a deep appreciation for the artist and their artistry. He has learned about art in classes and has a few friends who, too share in his hobby and have talent in their own right. they get together and take photos, paint and just enjoy what other new artists are doing at this time. He sometimes gives his pieces as gifts. (and as any new artist knows it is hard to part with your work more because of being critical of oneself then being sentimental of the piece.) I would like to feel that passion. And I would love to try my hand at water colors and so I think I will take a class.

Here are a few of his paintings...

I love them.

On my last post I put many wonderful paintings of what I thought my husband's dear "Sunrise lady friend" might have painted from her roost of her limited world on a ranch in Yerington. I appreciated the artists beautiful rendition because they captured the landscape so familiar to me living in the high desert of Nevada. I was asked if I had painted them. Oh, I wished I could have claimed at least one! Maybe some day I will have painted a piece as worthy as the artistry as those. But those gorgeous painting are from a website I found that sponsors member artists and their paintings. You can view their galleries, visit their personal blogs for inspiration and get their thoughts. If you are an artist or are thinking of starting to paint on canvas yourself, like me, it is a wonderful place to visit! You can also purchase any of the numerous oils, water colors, etc...... they have soo many to look at. I'm just learning myself about it all the different styles, techniques, skills , etc. I enjoy these artists' work so much.
Here is the address: Dailypainters.com. Enjoy!

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Dreamer said...

I paint and I love it! It is so stress free to sit and just paint. I haven't had much time for it, but I may just get my paints out and kick back for a day. Love your sister, Kerry Lee