Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hurray for Mike!

Yaahoo!!! My old man was out and about for awhile today!

Here in Sparks, Nevada..it was sooo warm and beautiful last night, when my hubby and I came out of the dialysis center after his 8th treatment on the artificial kidney machine..we were just in awe of how gorgeous the evening could be. That warm gentle breeze must have had an effect on Mike too, 'cause he even ventured down with me to throw some evening hay to our two horses, two goats and the "donk". He walked on over and was checking them out... something he hasn't even had the energy or even cared about doing for such a long time!

I am so relieved to say Mike is feeling much better lately, he seems to be getting used to the fluctuating high and lows of his blood pressure, as his dizzy spells are going away. And I think he is mastering the intense anxiety that comes with it all. We have been told the pain (from where they insert the needles..geez they are so big) will get easier as he develops a tunnel in his arteries (into his fistula) called a button hole. Iam looking forward to that as I really cannot watch anymore. Even tho I insist on carrying his bag for him, he insists on holding the door open for me. Awwhh..I know..he is still such an old -fashioned gentleman. Sweet. You know what they say about men don't you?? They are like peaches and pears..the older they get the softer and sweeter they they get! (before they begin to decay and smell bad) LOL!

Ha! Ha! Anyway..I had to comment on how good his face was looking. (What guy doesn't like compliments from a young..ummm..pretty lady..right? ha! ha! ) I told him it might have been just a subtle difference.. but... that I thought his eyes weren't as puffy... and his face was the healthy color of ..pink! "Yah!" he said. He remembered that Bryce, our son-in-law told that him that he was less pale, too! That made him very happy. Oh..lately, this man has been easy to please.

Then, while eating our usual quick-in-town dinner (his favorite and only place to eat... the dreaded IN AND OUT burger! ugh! ie; kidney diet without tomatoes and cheese) .. he said he had come up with the idea of wanting to get back into doing some things to help out again. Maybe, call on some contractors for work, get back on the tractor and clean up our reeeally dirty corrals and work on the place!
HELLO!!! Who are you and what have you done with Mike? I said, "Maybe you should just start with taking a short walk! " (but what I really wanted to say was "Maybe you can start with getting your own shoes and your own juice! " Well, it was a grand jesture..just the same. so ..Yay!!!
Then..this morning he woke up early and got himself out of bed...at 10:00! ( his usual is 12:00) He called our son up and asked him to come pick him up. He wanted to get out-and-about like he used to... when he was working as a contractor- meeting up with other business owners, contractors, etc..You know.. passing around the bulls%*t about business, construction and sports..and well ..just plain enjoying his life.
Aww..and there was a plan..as it was .. Tuesday ...it was "Homemade Green Spaghetti" day at the Coney Island Bar. ..a long time watering- hole where young and old generations meet and come to enjoy the Galetti family's famous lunches and dinners. A place where old age is 10 years older than the guy next to you!

Soo..do you think the dialysis is working??? and this soon? The doctors said not to expect much as it would take awhile to rid his saturated tissues, as well as the blood, of all the built up poisons and toxins. (And he still has a deseased liver.) Iam stoked!
Are we going to see the ole Mikey back again?
Am I ready for the Ole Mikey back again?
You've got to know ..his new revelation was coming out of the mouth of a guy who hasn't been himself in 3 years! He hasn't enjoyed talking much, hasn't enjoyed food much, and has lost all the desire to be part of the life he enjoyed so much before.
Well.. I don't expect miracles... but then again ...YES!..I do! I've seen one or two lately. Mike is an extraordinary guy. He does take the bull by the horns and has always faced life down like I've seen no other. I respect him for that and I have convidence he will be back.... strong as ever.. Once he makes his mind up.

You cannot underestimate the will to live and the spirit of living good!
I'll tell you some stories about the Coney Island some day, but today ..I hope he plays a little dice.


Joy Heather said...

Its wonderful news about Mike Kay..i am thrilled for you both..although i dont know him, i can tell from the things you have written that he as the right spirit, and i'm sure he will go from strength to strength...Still praying for you both..Joy

Trudy said...

That is fantastic news and just what you both needed. Mike never ceases to amaze me! Through this long journey, he has taught us all so much. Life is all about attitude and what you make of it. You have been an amazing help and influence on Mike.You have both helped each other in remarkable ways. I will let Mom know that our prayers are working to keep em coming.
Hugs to you both:)
Love you tons,

Dreamer said...

Oh, the new chapters we live in this long life! A new breeze, a freash out look, a new color, a new love! Mike is great and I love him always!

little apple tally said...

I hesitate to ask such a personal question, but is Mike's problems related to diabetes? I am one of those and could face his circumstances in the future. Unless I wear out my heart first.

Loved the Sunrise Lady story. Some of the best things in life happen serendipity! Twas the best Easter story I heard this year.... excepting the original, of course.

Faithful said...

Joy~ I was hoping my words could capture his persona as Mike is one of a kind and very unique into himself. He is so strong. Your prayers are such as blessing and I truly believe God is listening. Thank you so much.

Little Sister Trude~ I know! Mike was tired today but his spirit seems so much better! He said he actually looks forward to going..can you imagine? It is all about what is your true intention and what you really want to get out of the things life deals to you, isn't it? Tell Mom her angels must be taking her prayers personally to God. We Love you all and thank you too! Do keep them coming!

Sister Kerry~ Mike is a wonder! He loves you too.

little Apple Tally~ Yes, unfortunately, diabetes is Mike's main cause for his kidney failure, but he does have other serious health problems and diseases making it all more complicated. Diabetes (poorly controled) can cause so much damage to the body. I have watched a verile man get to this point mainly due to the strain this disease has on had on his body. I hope your heart problems aren't a by-product of this disease also. I wish you the best with your health..if I can help please let me know. The Sunrise Lady story has always been a favorite of mine too. Thanks for stopping in. ~kay~

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read Mike is feeling so much better. We'll keep him in our prays though at any rate:)

Faithful said...

Thankyou Prairie Runner~ I know God has been listening cause Mike is feeling better every day.
I'll return the prayers for your happiness and well-being too!