Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Man-Date

Last week, I blogged about my brother-in law having to be outta town to visit his brother in Idaho for awhile, and his warning to my 81 years old mother and us girls not to party too hard while he was away! Well, he said he went with his boss and enjoyed his "MAN-CATION" he liked to call it!

That's the long version of a "MAN-DATE"! You know the male version of girls nite out! Only on a man-cation, the guys all get together for some fishing or hunting (doesn't matter what they are looking for.....birds, ducks, deer, wouldn't do THAT!) or/and just hang out with only MEN. I can see them, now...working up all that testosterone and tellin' their BIG fish stories. They get to talk dirty about their wives, brag way too much about their kids, some might even have a few too many beers. As a groomsman, my son was requested to go to Mexico for a long weekend bachelor party! Talk about a man-cation! You've all heard of's called male bonding. I call it ..getting lucky!

But back to Lee...he is a good guy and deserves his vacations and he certainly is a man! And, this is one of the e-mails he sent to my little sister while he was away. It cracked me up, but Lee is a CRACK-UP, anyway...literally, always! We've all seen his back side and now we have it memorialized in the history books.... after he mooned 5 of my elderly Aunts this year while they were posing for a family picture. LOL!

We love you Lee.

Read what he wrote "My niece took this picture with her cell phone in Caldwell, Idaho last week. The picture is kind of small, but if you look close you can see a cowboy on his first blind date with a young lady.



Train Wreck said...

LOL Yes men will use any excuse to get together and drink beer! haha I love the photo. Too funny, he sounds like he has a great sense of humor.

little apple tally said...

LOL Cute heifer! He must be a leg man! Although from the picture he could be into ears.

Trudy said...

Boy did they have fun on their
"Man- Date"
His brother Alan and his boss Ed are exactly alike, they love guns and tequilla!!!!!!!
Lee says they are already talking about next year.
The male bonding thing is ever so important! Oh well I guess it keeps them young:)

Faithful said...

TW~ Yes, Lee has made us all..almost pee our pants with laughter more than once. He is one of a kind.

little apple~ Cattlemen love their cows, don't they? (I remember one time when I and the kids put a couple of lambs in the back of my conversion van..we had to get them to a show! You do what you hafta do!)

Trude~ Guys need to have clean heathy fun together..then they come home with loven' on their minds! ha! ha! hey I like Ta-kill-ya and guns, too...I'll have to tell ya about the time I was the only woman on a Man's pheasant hunt! WooHoo!

Joy Heather said...

Love that funny.

The Wife said...

LOL! so when that guy says he has himself a "nice lil heifer" he really means it! too funny!