Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memememememe ME?

New meme. You know what to do if you want to play. Please... I want to hear what you have to say feel about things. OK?

1. What is your current obsession? "Only after obsessing about Mike's health? which is my life?...Washing clothes..I mean. I am obsessed with washing every piece fabric in my house, and car, and garage.. I'll even come to your house. Do you have some laundry you need done? I can be found..just wandering around and around...looking for something to fill the washing machine..I will even rip the socks off your feet while you're still wearing them."

Home-made soap~ just in case I run out!!!
1 quart of water (boiling)
2 cups bar soap (grated)
2 cups Borax
2 cups washing soda

Add finely grated bar soap to the boiling water and stir until soap is melted.pour the soap water into a large clear pail and add the Borax and washing soda. Stir well until all is dissolved,. Add 2 gallons of water and cover pail. add 1/4 cup for each load of laundry and stir the soap each time you use as it will gel!

2.Where are you right now? "In the office, wisfully, looking out my window through my extremely overgrown rosebush, (got to prune that's scratching the glass!) ...enjoying all the busy little birds flying in and out building their nest.. right in front of my window.. Such a peaceful sight...sweet..beautiful little birds..some red, some green, until the darn baby raven moves in...then I'm banging on the glass. BAH! Awwww..but then I find myself watching the very well-fed and fat momma pheasant, with her darling eight-hundred little chicks and the all the cute little cottontail bunnies as they come scurrying by...towards my porch..until I see they've planned a picnic on my plants, then I'm pounding on the glass (drats!) On occasion, I will watch the family of coyotes come through and ...clear out the place.....and I'm pounding on the glass. And Wes blames me for not getting any work done.

3.Coffee or Tea? "I stopped drinking coffee a couple years ago but I swear... I still love it. Now it's the green TEA that makes me run fast... and PEEEE!"

4.What is one of your favorite movies? "I seem not to have much time or interest in a lot of movies (lol)... so to choose just one would be like picking my favorite food out of a salad bar! I do like movies that I get can get lost in and that leave me in a deep contemplation. (I heard that! I can be a deep thinker!) But really..any kids' movie with my grand kids (we make popcorn ala mode) is my favorite."

5.What is the one thing you are looking forward to? "Mike feeling better and enjoying his life again. I can't wait for a time when he will be himself again!"

6.Who was your childhood crush? "When I was very little..I was in love with Zoro, but later..along came Ricky Nelson. .my sister and I would pretend the wall was our lovers and we would just smooch it up. "

7.What is your current favorite song? "I am a ROCK STAR by PINK. When I hear that song..I sing and everyone gets outta my way...cause I just know ..I CAN DANCE! Don't laugh .. you, too, can be a Rock Star!"

8.What would you like to get rid of? " ..what comes quickly to mind is the big fat bull snake I lost in the garage (I was escorting it out when I dropped it and it went behind the trunks)... but I will say the forgotten little frog sitting on my kitchen counter. No one plays with him anymore and I just keep cleaning his rock pile. But then, I think of all those weeds in the yard, and the junk piled in my garage, and sometimes I just hate those coyotes, and those damn giant, plant-eating hares.. .....then there's the fat on my theighs........"

9.What is your favorite book? "Whatever I'm reading at the time. If it's not my favorite, I will get bored and put it down. Hey.. now, I know that Mad is a magazine..and I do own a couple of books!"

10. Why did you start your blog? "I haven't figured that one out yet. A writer? an artist? a photographer? a ranter? or someone who thinks they can change the world with their words in a blog?...I guess.. I'm not!.... I must be a mystery!"
FRIENDSHIP~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

A ruddy drop of manly blood
The surging sea outweighs,
The world uncertain comes and goes,
the lover rooted stays.
I fancied he was fled.
Glowed unexhausted kindliness
Like daily sunrise there.
My careful heart was free again
O friend, my bosom said,
Through thee alone the sky is arched,
Through thee the rose is red,
All things through thee take nobler form,
And look beyond the earth,
And is the mill-round of our fate
A sun-path in thy worth.
Me too thy nobleness has taught
To master my despair;
The fountains of my hidden life
Are through thy friendships fair.

11. If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would purchase for yourself? "Easy..smeasy! ...a beautiful, family cattle ranch..large enough to support my whole FAM DAMILY, a place where anyone else of interest could come and have a place to visit, get to know some farm animals and stay for awhile. (you know.. come and I could put 'em to work) A place where my kids could tie my body to rockin' chair and put me under a big shady tree,leave me there for spell, and let me enjoy the sights and smells. (That is...only AFTER I got reeeally old and senile and then only as long as they promised not to paint a clown face on me.)"

12. If you could live in a foreign country, which one would it be? "Well, I'd hafta say Argentina? I'd like to take the ole man back to Buenos Aires.. his birthplace. It really is a beautiful country and.. I just love the passion of the tango! Don't you?"

13. What is the one trait about yourself you wish you could change? " smile..I want a much bigger one with large white teeth so then you will KNOW I'm smiling at YOU."

14. Tipple of choice? "Now that is funny.I don't tipple when I drink ..I topple..and my topple of choice would be BEER!"

15. What is the one trait about yourself that you are proud of? " Used to be my cute little ba-donka-donk.....BUTT with old age.. I've had to develop a personality! So, I'd say my loyalty and stick-to-itiveness. I am true-blue die-hard. (and then there's my ability to make up words)"

16.What is your wish for the future? "I wish that I would win the LOTTERY!!! no?..just kidding! really..I wish for better heathcare for the sick....and warmth, shelter and enough food for all of those who are starving in the world...So I would want us all to become more compassionate to those who are in need, lots more understanding of those that might think differently than ourselves, and for our government to find smarter ways of how to get the proper job done that will benefit us all, and then of course I would want the world to have more giving hearts! Did I leave anything out? ....Do I hear an Amen?"

Your turn!


Joy Heather said...

You really have got a full & busy life can come & do my washing as amazed me that someone actually enjoys doing me its my punishment for getting so messy in the garden etc..I LOVED the doggy grin pic, is he one of yours?..i was in love with Michael Landon (little Joe out of Bonanza)when i was a young teenager..crazy on him..i drink more tea than coffee..but i love juices more..and in this hot weather i love beer or a lot of films, but fave movie of all time was 'Shawshank Redemption'if im obsessed about anything, its CHOCOLATE..get withdrawal symptoms when i try to give it up( about twice a week!!)I am in my living room contemplating eating after i have finished this..i am looking forward to going on Holiday, and like you my dearest wish is for my daughter to be fit & well..i do hope Mike gets stronger each current fave song is@the boy does nothing'by Aleisha Dixon.Thing id most like to get rid of at the moment is Traffic wardens..they are id MOST like to visit is U.S...always has been,my wish for the future is prety much the same as yours..a better more peaceful World for everyone...IF money wasn't an issue i would buy myself a big farm in the countryside with sheep, cattle & horses and have a lot of folk who couldn't otherwise get to see these things come to stay..especially kids from the cities..they dont know what they are missing (or maybe they do, we are all different)...dont know if i've missed anything out, but i am getting so hungry now i MUST eat or i will fade away.....yeah right !!!

Joy Heather said...

That last comment was SO long..didn't realize, I should have put it on my blog instead..Sorry..just delete it Kaye

Faithful said...

Joy~loved hearing your answers..I too had a crush on little Joe! Funny how much we are all so much alike! thanks for playing