Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is your philospy of life?

What is your philosophy of life?
Do you believe that we are just living organism living on this planet taking up space until our bodies get so tired and sick that they die out and rot back into the ground?

Or do you believe that there is a Devine plan ..either of God's choice or our own to live out our time here on earth as a learning school?...maybe that we are predestined to experience certain losses and tragedies in order to learn our lessons in this lifetime? Or maybe you think the Universe just throws out random events to see how we will react? What does our choices make in our destiny and can those choices really change our destiny?

What about free will? If you are one to believe in God.. does he give us a clear idea of what He feels is the right way to live our lives..with love , understanding, forgiveness? The free will to choose our pathways to heaven or to hell?...

Most people believe everything happens for a reason! How does tragedy play into this and how do our lives unfold because of how tragedy effects our emotional journey and our spiritual growth?

I feel we should constantly be examining our motives..our desires, our values and priorities, because I believe intention wins out over all. Our intentions always come to light, good or bad so by being aware of what it is we really want out of life we can build our character, caring or indifferent-good or bad! Sometimes we aren't even aware of our own intentions ..they are buried under daily happenings and goings on, but if you stop and evaluate your actions and the situation you will see your true intention!

Big decisions can signify a moment of change and growth in our life. A- key turning point that usually leads to a better life. I try to reflect on what is important to me and get my priorities right-with God and with the spiritual Universe and usually the answer will make itself abundantly clear to me.

When I'm faced with difficult choices or decisions is when I try to listen to my body..what is it saying to me..are my neck and shoulders tense? Are my muscles rigid and does my stomach hurt? Do I have a headache? But most often...what is my gut feeling? I try to quiet myself by closing my eyes and listening to my inner self..tune in to my body as well as my mind and think about my choice to Change.... individually. Does my body get a calm and relaxed response or does it still feel tense and uncomfortable? I listen to it.

Change is not easy. But with grace and dignity... we build our character. I believe we need to learn the soul lessons first so instead of holding onto pain and resentment for an entire lifetime..I think we must let it go. Understanding the lessons of detachment, forgiveness and unconditional love is essential to growing spiritually.

It's when we learn from these difficult times in our lives that we understand why we need to have the experiences in the first place. I've read that " If you can change your mind.. you can change your life!" I believe that earth is a school and we evolve on a soul level through our character that we make.. that soon becomes our destiny.

We are offered so many choices, but one key is to try to stay aware of what is going on in our lives and what impact those choices have not only on ourselves but on those around us. We need to see those choices as they come by and seize them as opportunities...learn from them if they turn out to be mistakes in order to change our lives.

But you can't just can't just avoid difficulties that appear in your life because I think they are your lessons that you chose in the first place. Those difficulties in life can only be changed if the soul recognizes the lesson and sees a greater lesson and a more wonderful possibility that can be achieved in this lifetime.

It makes being here easier for me to believe this way, knowing I am growing. I truly am blessed. What do you think?


Joy Heather said...

I do believe in God (or a higher power)..otherwise life would be pointless..i believe we are learning until we die..some lessons much harder than others..but i also believe we reap what we sow..therefore eventually no matter how difficult it may be..we need a power higher than ourselves to help us be able to trully forgive...unforgiveness eats away at you, and destroys your soul....i have learned that the hard way..so much pain & hurt,years of sleepless nights..until i was able to say with divine help..NO_MORE..i will not live like this..then the journey begins...it is long, painful...but so, so worth it...there as to be more than this life..I do believe in eternity..& where we spend it is up to each of us..i would hate not to have any faith..can not imagine it.

Faithful said...

Joy~ I so agree with you. I would hate to not have any Faith. God gives me strength, otherwise I would be worthless. He also sends us help when we ask. He has proven that to me with my husband's illness's many times over. Thank you for your comment.