Sunday, July 19, 2009

I think my little ass needs some Attention!

I guess I haven't been paying enough attention to my little ass! (I kinda like saying that.. "my little ass!" I hardly ever cuss really but...who would get tired of saying that? .. my little ass...well..I'm talkin' about my donk..this ancestor to the "African Wild Ass" little jackass...he can really make himself a pain in my as& uuhhmm..he's very hard to ignore! He has been ' brayin' more than his usual holerin', and it seems his AW-EE! AW-EE has been getting earlier and earlier in the morning! His " long-ears -as donks are called- are much longer than a horse's and they can easily pick up far-distant much that he can hear me all the way up to the house. I'm a early morning pee-er ..and the little bugger can even hear when the toilet gets flushed! AW EE ..AW EE! It's like Deju Vu' of raising my boys again. Often times, real early in the morning, before anyone was awake, my husband and I would quietly grab our coffee and tiptoe outside ..on down to the hay barn..alone. Then there'd they'd come..screeching and hollerin'..up on their bikes ..and wondering what was for breakfast! EE AW! EE AW!
This is Jacob, others around here like to call him DONK..amongst other unmentionable names. I guess he is what you'd call a standard donkey and was born to a wild burro from the Wild Horse and Burro adoption program here in Nevada.

Donkeys, naturally, live separated lives from each other -unlike wild horses, so that is why they have such a loud vocalization and such large order to find each other out in the dessert! Jake's never been around other donkeys, just people, horses and dogs.. so I'm not sure he knows what he is! Uhhmm...maybe .. Jake just has a little low-blood -sugar!

He is always ready to eat, but eats what he wants then just complains after that. Most times he acts like a dog .. but never a pig. But really..donkeys are very well adapted to the dessert and are less prone to colic than horses because of their tough digestive system.

Jacob..waiting impatiently for breakfast!

We had the doc out to castrate Jake when he was just old enough..but let me tell you.. he is still a lover... as Jakey is very tame, friendly, and always demanding attention. I'd bet he would just about sell his soul for you to come a give him a groom.

Some people like to keep donkeys around 'cause they are known for having a calming effect on a nervous horse or on newly weaned baby horses. He and young Chex hit it off right from the start but he can sure make the big Duke a little cranky. I think he is learning to be a horse.

Donkeys are quite intelligent, very cautious, friendly, totally playful, and always eager to learn. They are excellent with children. However they usually only do whatever they think is good for them.

Yet ..... sometimes Jacob gets himself and the others into a bit of trouble.. I think, more so than any horse would. he is very snoopy and has to investigate everything. Doesn't that sound like a goat? I'm sure to put halters on the gate latches as he knows how to slide them open. I have tried tying the gates with baling twine and these, too, have miraculously come un-done! There's been a few times he has treated his stable buddies to a few snacks and to a few country strolls!

Jacob can be stubborn, which really can get my goat ...................(HUH?) This stubbornness can be attributed to the donkey's strong sense of self-preservation -even more than a horse's! It is more difficult to force or fight a donkey into doing something it perceives as dangerous for whatever reason!

Jake is halter broke and we've always had plans..but that's as far as we've gotten, as donkeys can perform all gaits horses can..although... galloping is not something they're likely to do unless dinner is being served. So mostly he's just our it a dog, a goat, or a horse. And I think he knows it.

Legend has it that in Christian religion, the cross on the donkey's shoulders is the shadow of Christ's crucifixion, placing the donkey at the foot of the cross. This line of darker hair starts at the top of the head and goes to the end of the tail (the Dorsal Stripe) This line is crossed at the withers with another darker line of hair at the shoulder forming a cross. Most donkeys have this as it's a dominant trait ..with exception of the large Mammoth Jack. .

You know that a mating between a mare/ horse and a jack/donkey gets a Mule ...a stud/ horse and a jennet/ donkey gets a Hinney....but did you know that when you cross a zebra and a donkey 's called a Zonkey? ..nether did I! I take my ownership serious and I think I should know this stuff. I hope Jake appreciates my educating myself.

Donkeys are ideal for guarding herds of sheep against predators. Since most have a natural wariness towards coyotes and canine and will keep them away. They defend themselves with powerful kicks of their hind legs as well as as biting and striking with their front legs. Donkeys can be friends with the family dog..just ask Miley,our heeler..who loves to nip at his heels.

But.. you ask.. how I know my little ass needs some more attention?? (I just wanted to say it one last time) Because he gave me a little itsy-bitsy NIP...and in a special place reserved for only my hubby.... (and long-lost boyfriends.) ok..ok..just kidding! geesh!

Don't laugh.. it was NOT FUNNY! It's not that it hurt at all.. but I could have been ruined and not been able to bear any more precious children! har! har!
Of course, any nip is bad and yeah..he got reprimanded and I did some rubbing on his face and muzzle. But don't ya think maybe he's trying to tell me something? Or was he just playing the alpha- male card?

Just the same...I love my little ass.. (sorry..I couldn't help myself) and besides...that is the legal and proper name.

I know he loves me,too.. cuz ... he loves everyone... who will give him a scratch or two.

Oh.. I could never leave without saying.. I love our other needy orphans too.. .....our granddaughter Kaitlyn's little gelding, sweet Chex..and the old Dukester..(who grandpa gave to grandson,Wyatt) You two up for some belly rubs?


little apple tally said...

Have never had a little ass myself! Guess I'm missing something?
Once attended a horse-mule show that had a mule costume class. A big burly cowboy type, complete with handlebar mustache, dirty work boots and beat up hat, but wearing a red gown and riding side saddle on his big ropin' saddle on his ropin horse was leading a donkey or burro (I don't know my specific species that well) which was carrying a sign board that read "Everybody needs a little ass sometimes!"
Might be a bit risque but I laughed by ass off! oops! Perhaps I should say I laughed myself silly?

gtyyup said...

The only thing that makes a lil' ass any better is having two of them ;~)

Jacob is darling!

Joy Heather said...

He is adorable kay..i love donkeys..its true about the cross on the back isn't it..iused to look at every donkey i saw at one time, just to check the cross was there..sad or what ??....i would really love a little ass..Mines Huge LOL

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I would love to scratch your ass - he's adorable!

Howdy from WI.

Faithful said...

~Lil apple~ LOL! Awhh.. those of us with larger asses know ..there is just more to love!

~Gittyup~Two asses are always more fun than one!

~Joy~ .. didn't know Donks were so sacred..just another reminder that we should love our ass's even if they are HUGE! he! he!

Faithful said...

~Cedar View Paint Horses~ ass loves to be sratched and so does my donkey!
Thanks for stopping by!