Monday, August 3, 2009

Pyramid Lake

This is my grandson, Buddy Bear, during what he commented to be one "of the best weekends in his whole life." LOL!!! The little monkey girl and Wyatt got to babysit Grandpa and Nana for a long weekend. We played restaurant where he gets to be: the waiter, chef and top bottle washer.. dog show: where they take turns being the judge and contestant of one of the many classes where Miley, Oscar and Otis were awarded the pug with the curliest tail, the heeler who sat the best on command, and the pug who gave the best luvins! or he practiced roping the water faucet! we were even treated to Kaitlyn's special mickey mouse shaped pancake breakfast! yummy!..but I know that's not what made that the "best weekend of his whole life!" It was because.... he to spend the whole afternoon with his aunt's and uncle's on their boat at Pyramid Lake.

My son and our daughter (by marriage) invited us out to their favorite spot on the lake. It is aptly named Windless Beach. They took us out on their boat ...only this time we stayed on the lake and never beached the boat once! The water was so blue and calm it look like.. (what the locals like to call).. GLASS! When there is no wind on this sometimes dreadfully WINDY is excellent for skiing or water boarding, because it's not choppy with waves! The temperature that day was over 100 degrees .. the water is warm and felt so comfortable.. you really didn't want to get back in the boat! Except we had a spine-tingling ride while watching the picturesque dessert landscape go by. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this huge lake in the middle of the desert with it's deep blues and dark greens can be breathtakingly stunning.. even Mike thought the view was esthetically beautuful !

Yep! that's that ole man!..I know..can you believe it ..we somehow got him to get in the boat and onto the water! Those white legs haven't seen sun in a ka-trillion years and he usually won't even get his feet wet in the shower! (he's a little scar-dy cat of the water) He is a dry land animal, he only came cause he loves our company so. Don't worry..we lubed those alabaster legs up with sun-screen..but remember... he tans better than most cuz he 's got that gorgeous Latin skin!

So today.. it would be was just the 6 of us..we packed a lite lunch of bagels, hard salami, and peppered Jack cheese, some water-melon, apples, water and juice. The kids got to pick something special ie; gummy bears and sour worms, and they surprised grandpa with some m&m's (his favorite).

Most of the rest of the family are fish(es) and love to be in the water. The kid's mom-my daughter was a life-guard and is a natural in the water! And as you can see these two might just have a few fins growing!

Here's grand-daughter Kaitlyn swimming to say " "Hi" to a hungry seagull that wanted to join our party. Do ya think she ever caught up with him?

Auntie Am and Uncle We helped her swim around without her vest as she is still learning from taking her swim lessons, she is getting better with each season.

She even rode on the inner-tube while being pulled by the boat with her Auntie! We were proud of this new step . (Sorry, Mommy, I was so excited, I didn't get a picture of it!)

Of course, her ole Nana had to.. her how there was nothing to fear!

But... this ole lady forgot that what she should've feared.... the pain she'd be feeling the next day.... cuz you have to really hang on hard to that sucker!!!

Wyatt, is a big boy but he is only 6 and is just learning how to swim so he wants to keep his life jacket on at all times, and he has been a little frightened of the deep water! We have all been working with him to get him used to being comfortable in the lake!

Isn't the water so clear and blue?

Wyatt wasn't too sure about paddling out to meet his uncle on the inner-tube in such deep water but with alot of friendly coaxing.... he got up his nerve. He wanted it bad and knew he had to man up!
His sissy was there to show him how it was done! He was so brave.
Thanks to Auntie Am and Uncle We, he finally swam on over by himself .

Later.. although he was very tired...he didn't want to go home, and he said, "Come on .Nana, let's jump in one more time!"

He was heard saying later in his deepest breath " Mom and Dad are gonna be so proud of me."

You know Buddy Bear and Monkey Girl weren't the only ones having is Wes boarding...... I know.. where's that big grin of his?

And Amberlynn... I love watching them board! They are usually pulling everyone else around !

Amber.. you ARE lookin' good!!

It was a fun day! Thanks Wes and Amber!

But we always have fun at Pramid Lake, my family and I been going to this lake since I was 13 years old!

This is a picture of the infamous "Pyramid" that crops out of the lake.

It might take you some gas, and some time but it is interesting to boat over and see the TUFA formations and while you're there check out the island of Anaho, home to the large colony of American White Pelicans. The island is highly restricted for ecological reasons. This lake is on the Paiute Indian Reservation in the middle of the Nevada dessert, the lake has many of these tufa formations. In many boater's opinons, it is one of the better lakes for skiing and water boarding as the lake can get as smooth as glass and it warms up just like bath water.

This beach is often Wes and Amber's home away from home. They camp many weekends over the summer months and have gotten to know many of the other campers up and down the beach. Family and friends are always welcome, as this lake is only 20 minutes from our house.

My 4th of July was spent at Pyramid Lake. The kids had a BBQ, made a bon-fire and everyone shot off fireworks after dark.

The little kids had fun jumpimg off the boat into the water.

The big kids played their music, had a tournament of horse-shoes ....

...and some played an old fraternity game using a bucket and some balls!
........ the girls watched and caught some rays!

While others were having fun mastering the jumps and spins they have been practicing on the boards.

Check out these two's fantastic tattoos! These two youngins are married and (psst..can you believe she just had a baby 6 months ago? neither can I!) That's the baby's name on his belly! Awwh to be young again!!

Did you notice my son-law's, BIG- MAN-THERMOS!! Doesn't it make you wonder what it is he is drinking??

I'll never tell!!


Cowgirl in the City said...

Wow... I used to drive past Pyramid Lake all the time when I was a kid. It never looked as beautiful as that! Thanks for sharing your pictures... makes me miss Nevada.

Faithful said...

~Cowgirl~ I feel the same way..I quess as we age we see the simple beauty in things more clearly! Thanks for stopping by- hope you didn't cringe too much by my writing skills!

Joy Heather said...

The Pics are graet Kay..looks like you all had a ball...your grandkids are so cute..and i LOVE that huge mug (Thermos)..wouldn't mind my coffee in that in the mornings..and my ice cold beer on a hot afternoon !!LOL.

Faithful said...

~Joy~ thank you the pictures did turn out good as the water was so beautuful that day..but I'm not a very good photogropher. We did have fun on the boat that weekend. I was sad on the 4th of July as I went home early sick with a terrible migraine headache and missed the fireworks!