Friday, July 31, 2009

Update On Smiley..Miley!

Miley and I wanted everyone to know how she has been doing since her terrible "run in" with my truck it has been a week today! She is doing so wonderfully is so surprising! This little 2year old Queensland heeler has moving about and running quite a bit more. She laid low for a day or two but then it's been slowly getting back to business as usual. She was even barking at some-thing creeping around..last night! ( wasn't her usual back-off-coyote bark!) She takes her job sooo serious...don't cha know! Her appetite has returned to almost normal and she is following me ..again..on down to feed the horses of her most favorite things to do, as she has always enjoyed clearing the place out of any jack rabbits or birds hiding in the haystacks or under the shelters. She also thinks it's her job to bring the horses around and in ..nippin at their heels all the way, esp Donk! he gives her such a fun fight! But...I know she is not feeling confident enough right she hasn't even disciplined them at all.

But then...she and Oscar are back to their usual "I'll chase you up on the sofa and down ..and up over on the chair and down ..and back up on the sofa and down..before Mom can can catch us" game !


Miley's insides must be feeling good enough to stand on her hind legs and beg for a treat! But...hey!..these snacks are special treats. They were sent by some very caring people and just for her.
The really nice women and men that work down at our Bank were so concerned for her that day she was hurt. I was in doing business with the branch manager after the accident and they could see I was very upset.
This is the letter we received in the mail today ...with good wishes and signatures from the all the bank managers and tellers ...along with a bag of yummy doggy snacks! Isn't that the greatest and sweetest thing? They took the time to show they cared. It made Miley's and my day!

It REALLY..........made her SMILE!!!!!

So...we really wanted to thank you all for your caring inquiries and concern for my little heeler. Ohh...Oscar thanks you, too!


Joy Heather said...

Its great to know Miley is almost back to normal,she & Oscar are both adorable...i so miss my dog..if it weren't for 5 cats i would have one again tomorrow...when i read about your 2 lovely dogs & Kerry's gorgeous dog Martha...i get so broody..or should that be dog broody ??...the other sort of broody is a no-no for me now..except in small doses,lol..i love to see the grandkids but couldn't cope with any of my own nowadays..i love the looks on their faces..they must give you so much pleasure.

Faithful said...

~OH Joy~ They surely do bring me pleasure! Oscar sleeps with us, he is quite the character as most pugs are known to be! I used to have a few cats, too.. but with everyone turning up alergic that is a "no, no" now! I can't imagine my life without some kind of animal in it. I hope I will always be able to have them and enjoy their company! But grandchildren are the best cause after they wear you out.. you can always send them home!!

The Wife said...

Yeah!! Glad she's doing better.