Saturday, October 3, 2009

We are OK!

For those of you who have showed concern or are wondering why I haven't posted lately, please assured we all are fine. (although we have had a few clowns try and get us bucked off ..we know how to hang on ..this ain't our first rodeo! know!)

Mike is doing very well with his dialysis, as he's had only a few minor problems. The cleansing of the toxins from his body is showing now as his mind is clearing and he is feeling much better, although he really hates being stuck there in that chair, tied to a machine for so much of his day. Yet he looks forward to the conversations with the nurses and has made some friendships, and I am thankful as it gets him up and showered..the bane of his existence! But Mike's not a complainer... he is so strong...but I've sure learned that peroxide works well on getting blood out of your clothes!

We're waiting on the latest scan results, as he gets them tri-monthly and so far they have been clear. He will have his usual colonosopy in the next couple of weeks.
Other than that... we have been staying busy going to our grandkids many soccer games as Kaitlyn is on a elite soccer team and travels alot and Buddy Bear's games fill in the spare time...we love watching them play sports. They are so cute!
And Oscar..well he's learned how to tunnel under the covers ..its been cold lately!

I also have working a second job. I am loving it as I get to get out of my PJS and dress up like a real female! I get to get out of our home office for a couple of hours EVERY day. I know..Thank you, Lord! He does answer your prayers.

Tom is doing great in college and living at home... Amber is working on her masters, Wes is still running the family construction business as we are still in business, (hurray!!!!!!!with me still doing the books.

Bryce never did see that elk he wanted to mount beside Keely's elk, but they soon they will be going after their deer. And..Keely has gotten a new job, also.

So we all are thankful for keeping busy!

And today is my Mom's 81st Birthday! yeah! Hope to do something special for her!

Happy Bday Mom! We love you.

Thank you to those who have sent prayers and best wishes for Mike... and for is sooo appreciated. God is listening because we are so blessed. I hope you too are doing well with yours.

ps. Don't forget I never forget you..just been busy.....I love reading your blogs!


The Wife said...

So glad to hear y'all are being blessed.

Faithful said...

~The Wife~thanks, it's a good place to be! BLESSINGS TO YOU!

prairierunner said...

Being blessed is a GOOD thing, ain't it??!!!

gtyyup said...

Every day is a blessing! Glad that life is going well for you and yours~~

Train Wreck said...

WOw You do have alot going on! Blessings to you and your hubby. You are so positive I can just feel your energy as I read your post. You have a beautiful family.