Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I just came across what I think is the most thoughtful and rich inheritance anyone could ever recieve or pass on....... some Pearls of Wisdom.

It was a letter from a grandma to her newborn grandchild........."because it is important we pass on to our children the pearls of wisdom we have learned from the kindness of others".

My Dearest Jordan,

As you learn and grow, hopefully some of the following thoughts written in this letter will help as you begin your journey to be the best you can be while experiencing a rich and happy life filled with family, friends and those you interact with in the years to come.

If someone treats you with kindness, a warm smile and a quiet thank you..speak volumes.

Please learn to accept people for who they are, not who you think they should be.

Never leave the house without your sense of humor.

Limit your use of sarcasm. It is often used as a disguise to hurt others.

Believe in yourself. Others may question your integrity, honesty,optimism and faith. always remember that you are special, unique and the only you that will ever exist. Make friends with that as soon as possible.

Don't put yourself down. There are enough people in the world who will want to do that for you.

You can grow up and become anything you want.

Embrace changes that enrich your life. Learn to tolerate and make the best of those that don't.

Work to help those less fortunate and also work to ease the burden of others by treating them with respect, praise, kindness and good manners.

Each day, show people you love how much you care. They won't be around forever.

Learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future.

Respect and learn from your teachers. They are heroes.

Practice forgiveness. Not for the person you believe harmed you, but for yourself. Anger, pain and resentment are a heavy burden to carry throughout your life.

Work on developing an appreciation for music, art, literature and other forms of expression. It will nurture your soul.

Embrace the differences in others and learn from them.

And always love and respect your parents. You are the greatest gift they will ever receive.

You already have learned how to create happiness by receiving and giving unconditional live to everyone you come in contact with. My heartfelt wish for you is that it continues everyday of your life. And with the way your young life has begun, it most assuredly will.

with much love,

Your Grandmother

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Linda said...

Pretty darn good advice if you ask me!!