Monday, November 10, 2008

I Love Old Stuff

My house is full of old stuff, and I don't mean old man Jenkins and me, either. I'm talkin' about all this stuff I have hanging on the walls that's just collecting cob webs and giving the maid (me)somethin' to dust. In the face of having to down-size to a smaller house, I was wondering ..what would I get rid of first? and again, noo.. it wouldn't be old man Jenkins (that's what everyone around here calls the ole guy that sleeps in my bed 22 hours a day and just so happens to be related to them very closely by birth). Well, I've decorated with antiques (very loosely used ) inside, as well as out. Even let some spill over on to my daughter's house- Thank Gob, she married a cowboy, he likes old stuff too- she likes the kinda stuff that looks old but really isn't. See, I'm not just making homes for spiders here, I'm a serious decorator! I attended the school of HGTV an' DIY now for 10 years and I think I've earned "the" degree. Besides, most this stuff was free or next to nothin' so that makes it really a good deal right? and I like the look! I KNOW! Go figure! But the thing is ..I love this old STUFF! Do I go as far as to say some of it is priceless? Weeell, to me it IS. Take this little box, (see pic with little box..I know.. I will learn to use links next) given to me by my cousin, sister Sue,(thank you, Conni ) it came from the home of my mom's late, adored brother, my Uncle Leo, a rancher, a honorable man who's life is much revered. I look at it ..and then I wonder about the history enveloping it. My German family.. what was put in there? a coveted war medal? a long sought after promise ring? precious pictures of an old great grandparent? or of new baby? maybe even a few hidden dollars might have stored down there on it's soft pink satin.. in a time when things were very scarce and very sacred. (ok, now I'm going to get alittle syrupy and melodramatic here. so, close your eyes.) It's made of oak wood so it is a strong box , but it had to be a treasured box , right? to have made to it's now old age, whatever that may be? Old stuff has history, has memories, has feelings, and has beauty. Old things are all like treasured boxes. Can you see how I get attached to so much old Stuff? even old man Jenkins? See, to decorate, takes more than just a throwing up a few colors of paint and a couple of cobwebs, it takes getting in touch with ones feelings and expressing it even with old stuff. Yea, I think I'm gonna keep it all and decorate my next house with old stuff. Probably should take old man Jenkins, too.


Lover of Life said...

I love your old stuff! Your house is very warm and cozy. If you have to downsize, just keep the things that you LOVE. Having moved three times in five years, I had a lot of stuff I thought I liked, but really didn't. Or you think you LOVE, but only like. Getting rid of clutter and surrounding yourself with stuff you love makes a home, in my opinion. Sometimes it is just hard to know the difference.

Jeninacide said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE your house! All of that old stuff has so much character- and the COLORS! You have an awesome style!